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:TOP 10 Genes


22 November 2017, Nature News released a list of the most studied genes in the past 50 years — a sort of ‘top hits’ of the human genome. The TOP10 includes TP53, TNF, EGFR, VEGFA, APOE, IL6, TGFB1, MTHFR, ESR1, AKT1.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) has launched a project since 2002: they have marked the articles involving the structure and function of genes (or their encoding proteins) in PubMed database, and a total of 565,000 references covering 27,000 human genes (including RNA genes and pseudogenes) have been analyzed.

Peter Kerpedjiev, a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School who is committed to studying genomic data visualization summarized a special list from this work: 10 of the most studied genes. The number of academic papers related to these genes is well over 40,000. It reveals an important trend in biomedical research, and suggests the dominance of the 10 genes in the field of interdiscipline and disease.

Elabscience? has selected a detailed catalogue of antibodies and ELISA kits related to the TOP10 genes. Click the links below and see what we can do for your research.

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