FCM Antibodies

Elabscience? specializes in immunodiagnostic technology for life science community. We have completed platforms for R&D and manufacturer. With selected high-quality FCM/FACS monoclonal antibodies and excellent fluorescent labeling technology, Elabscience? FCM/FACS antibodies are dedicated to your cell detection and related experiments. At the same time, Elabscience offers panel design for customer. Our various flow cytometry validated antibodies offer multiple dye choices and a wide range of both intracellular and extracellular targets. View and choose the most suitable flow cytometry antibodies for your research.

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Elabscience? Flow Cytometry Antibodies Species

Elabscience? Flow Cytometry Antibodies Advantages

  • Extraordinary performance in multicolor FCM experiment

  • Optimizing fluorescence coupling technique to reduce the background of FCM dyeing

  • A good separation effect can be achieved under multiple concentration gradients

  • Advanced labeling technology to guarantee experiment result

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